Endoscopic or Open Inguinal Hernia Repair

Please note- Within 24 hours of your Operation You Must Not:

  • Drive a car or take public transport unaccompanied.
  • Operate Machinery or Consume alcohol
  • Sign any legal documents or make any responsible decisions


  • Take Paracetamol 2 Tabs 4-6 hourly if required.
  • Stronger analgesia such as Endone or Tramadol may be prescribed and can be taken if needed as per instructions for the first few days
  • Do not drive or operate machinery if taking prescribed medication.


  • There are no dietary restrictions. Aim to eat nourishing, healthy foods but to avoid post-operative constipation please increase fluid and fibre intake.
  • Take a laxative if needed. Eg. Agarol, Lactulose


  • Avoid lifting heavy objects (7 – 10 kgs) or engage in vigorous exercise for a period of 4 weeks.
  • Slowly increase your activity levels over this time. Light housework and gardening may be undertaken during this time.
  • You may drive your car when you feel confident and safe to do so.

Care of Wound:

  • Clear plastic dressings can be left in place until your review appointment. These are waterproof and you may shower as normal.
  • Please change your dressings if they get wet or become smelly. Call the rooms nurse for advice if unsure about what to do
  • Any sutures will be removed at your follow-up appointment with your Surgeon.
  • If you have had a hernia repair some bruising and swelling around the wound and/or genital area is quite common

On-going Care:

  • Attend your post-operative appointment that will be made for you prior to discharge from Hospital.
  • If you do not have a post-operative appointment booked prior to discharge please call our Rooms on 9210 7278 to arrange one.
  • Please call our rooms if any of the following occur:
    • If you experience any problems with your wound, including abnormal redness, pain, smell or discharge.
    • You develop a fever, or get hot/cold flushes.
    • Your pain is not being relieved by the analgesia you are using.
    • If after-hours call your GP or for urgent matters after-hours present to the Emergency Department & notify our rooms during business hours on the following business day.