Thank you Dr Toshniwal for all your help! After having my baby I had to have my gallbladder removed and haemorrhoids removed, both of which were done with such success and compassion throughout, I’m truely greatful thank you, Feel like I’m brand new again.


I was referred to Dr Toshniwal concerning haemorrhoids which i was suffering from 3 years. After consultation, i was advised a surgery has to be done. I did it after some time and the surgery went perfectly well. I recovered very quickly and had bearly any pain. All thanks to Dr. Toshniwal for his amazing job. I would highly recommend him and knox private hospital for these kind of surgeries and advise.


I completely recommend Dr Sumeet to anyone needing a hernia procedure. He is very engaging and reassuring, putting you at ease at each meeting/ consultation and gives a lot of understandable information you can reference, the website is excellent. He has a very professional attitude and manner and checked multiple times on my progress afterwards. My recovery has been well managed and comfortable.

Mark Ah Yee

I have struggled with many health issues since I was 18 (now 22). After 3 years of suffering, and seeing a countless number of specialists, I was never able to find a Doctor that would take my pain and suffering seriously. That was until I was introduced to Dr Toshniwal. He believed my pain, empathised with me, understood my frustration in suffering but most importantly he found the source of the pain and fixed it. After 3 months of seeing Dr Toshniwal and 2 surgeries later (one of which was a double inguinal hernia repair), I have little to no pain left. This is proof that no Doctor compares to Dr Toshniwal. In my post-operative appointment today, I was shocked to hear that he would like to investigate my health issues further. He really does go above and beyond for his patients; I’m living proof of that. If you are searching Dr Toshniwal to see if he is good at what he does, just know he is the BEST specialist I have ever come across, as he forms connections with people and is extremely vocal about each procedure he performs. He will sit with you and ensure that you are informed and comfortable with everything. Thank you Dr Toshniwal, as you said after my surgery… I can now go and live my life.


Had inguinal hernias repaired, the surgery was done cleanly and effectively (laparoscopic), and healed cleanly and quickly. Was in hospital only overnight for initial recovery. Surgery went exactly as expected, couldn't ask for more!


Dr Sumeett Toshniwal was very thorough in explaining the procedure before my double hernia. I was therefore confident in his ability and had an excellent outcome. Very skilled and highly recommended. Thank you Dr Andrew Macintosh for referring me.

Brian M

Had a great experience, from start to finish. Provided information in an easy to understand language. Did great work as have had no pain or complications after operation. I found he was Friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Would recommend. Thank you for the great service Mr Sumeet Toshniwal.


Dr Toshniwal was very polite and informative before and after surgery. He did an excellent job of my hernia repairs. I have had no problems since and had little post operative pain. Thank you Dr Toshniwal.


Mr Toshniwal did an excellent job repairing my hernia. He is a friendly, caring person who explained everything to me both before & after my procedure. Felt very comfortable in his hands. I have had no problems since. Thanks Mr T.


Dr Sumeet was extremely professional at all times and made me feel so comfortable in times that my body wasn’t! As someone who is scared of needles and surgeries this experience was above anything I’ve ever had! Thank you.


Dr Sumeet and his staff and their treatment of me was second to none. I was given clear information regarding all aspects during my consultation, firstly for my injury, then surgical requirements, then things to not do while waiting and then the operation info and after operation recovery time and restrictions that would be implace where all clear and easily understood. Then personally I have the experience of the operation coming up very quickly and also no charge given it was done through the public system. Finally the operation and recovery was so seamless that I didn’t even require panadol afterwards and 3 weeks on would barely notice I have had a procedure. Recommend Dr Summeet Toshniwal and his staff without hesitation. Thank you again so much, really has given me so much relief and happiness.,

25 August 2020

I was very impressed with Dr Toshniwal the minute he started to explain the situation and how he could help me. I found him very easy to talk to. He put me at ease regarding my operation. My procedure went like clockwork and my recovery was comfotable. Post visit was very reassuring that all went according to plan. Without any hesitation i Would highly recommend Dr Toshniwal.,

07 April 2020

Dr Toshniwal operated on me in September 2019 to carry out a Haemmarroidectomy.
From my first consultation with him I felt at ease. He was professional in his approach but caring at the same time.
He explained things well and didn’t charge exorbitant OOP fees.
I have no hesitation in reccomending him as a competant surgeon with a kind nature.
Thank you Sumeet. I can now sit down without feeling pain!,

25 December 2019

I am very satisfied with the professional attitude and caring by the staff and Dr Toshnival. I recently had a hemmoroidectomy at Knox Private Hospital and from the first consultation until recovery post surgery the level of commitment was excellent. Whilst i hope I do not need his services again I would not hesitate in recommending this surgeon. 10 /10,

11 November 2019

From the first conversation, Dr Toshniwal’s expertise in keyhole Hernia repair was clear and his advice and guidance reassuring. Dr Toshniwal’s team and colleagues at Knox Private should also be highly commended for exceptional levels of care and attention for a procedure which seemed to be far more straightforward than I had previously anticipated with an extremely quick recovery time.,

19 September 2019

All in all a positive experience, Mr Toshniwal explained the surgery and recovery so I knew what to expect.
The recovery was not as painful as I expected, in fact quite minimal, I returned to my normal routines (albeit slowly) after a couple of weeks.,

08 September 2019

Had Dr Toshniwal looking after me during a Diverticulitis attack and then was diagnosed with a Gall Stone. Dr Toshiniwal performed the surgery to remove my Gall Bladder successfully. He is a very, very good doctor and a great surgeon. No issues with my surgery, explains things well and is easy to talk to. I trust him explicitly.,

09 May 2019

Doctor Toshniwal has been an excellent surgeon especially in an emergency situation. He is extremely professional, answers questions, clearly and succinctly and very prompt when it comes to appointments. I especially appreciate his sense of humour. I would recommend him to anyone

16 March 2019

I found Dr Toshniwal to be an extremely understanding, caring and professional surgeon.
He was always prepared to give extra time to listen and understand my issues before and after surgery.
I highly recommend him.,

05 February 2019